Are you sustainable? Are you a leader? Apply by next Tuesday!

Friends of Sustainability 

Each class from Years 1- 6 will have one student representative that will be part of the ‘Friends of Sustainability’ Team. This position will last for one semester.  

In this role you will be expected to:

  • attend weekly meetings
  • empty classroom recycle bin at least once a week
  • maintain and care for the OLGC garden boxes
  • be the class ‘Energy Monitor’. This requires you to ensure all lights and IWB’s are turned off when everyone leaves the classroom. You will also need to make sure your door is closed to keep in the cool air from air conditioners or the warmth from the heaters in
  • be prepared to share information about sustainability issues and topics with the class
  • lead your class in activities that raise awareness about sustainability issues
  • bring a positive attitude about being a Steward of Creation!


Our Goldfields Song!

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