Welcome back to Term 2!

We are very excited in Year 4 to be back for yet another, exciting term. Tomorrow night we will be holding our First Eucharist Information Evening. This is such a special and holy time in our sacramental journey. Next week we are looking forward to Cross Country and our OLGC Feast Day celebrations. Check the Term 4 calendar on the left side tab for all that is happening in Year 4. 

In 4CM we write STRONG, detailed sentences to describe an image, character or setting.

Here is what we came up with today in our joint construction, writing lesson. 

Augustus Gloop sits slumped at his dinner table, staring hungrily at his plate, that was fit for a king. As he stuffed his chubby face with food, slobber flew across the table, spraying everyone in the room. Whilst the fat beast shoveled food down his gob, his bulging eyes, stared down at the prize. This animal, is as greedy as ever, as his stomach continues to expand with every gulp of delicious sausages. Sooner or later, this food addicted monster may reach an early death through sugar induced diabetes.

What’s My Number?

We can represent quantities in different ways.

Today in Maths we played What’s My Number? Everyone was given a different number, stuck on their back. We had to ask each other yes/no questions until we found out what our number was.

The only catch was, all our numbers weren’t shown using digits, they were shown in other ways, like base ten and expanded notation!

We were successful, and now know that we can represent quantities in different ways.  



Homework Week 3

This week’s homework task is to complete the following:

Read for 20 mins for a minimum of 4 nights and fill in your diary. Record in your diary, the title, pages read and a comment (can include a prediction, question, the message of the story, a fact). 

Maths- go to the school Numeracy site and complete one  of the starter of the day activities. Present your work on a poster, showing all working out, strategies you used and reflect on your learning. I learnt. Please include a title and the question.. 

There will be no spelling this week. This will commence week 4. Homework is due Tuesday 21st February.